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 After years of holding the line on prices, ZeeCraft has adjusted prices for inflation, supply chain issues and the increasing cost
of business.  We are proud to have kept all increases below the rate of inflation, and hope you understand the reality of these changes.

Professor Z

The winner of the Zeecraft Buzzer System at the OACA Fall Conference.  
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Make your Challenger System Wireless
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Wireless Upgrade Enhancement Package

It is no secret that Wi-Fi is everywhere today in the wireless world and Zeecraft recognizes that. Zeecraft would like to offer an upgrade package to keep in step with these changes, keeping your system operating flawlessly and no interference from Wi-Fi. While you may not be experiencing Wi-Fi interference now, you may at other locations that are using these new bands of Wi-Fi. To prevent interference issues down the road, we are offering the following Wireless Enhancement Package. Enhance the performance of your Zeecraft Wireless equipment* today! Wireless Enhancement Package*: $70 for 8-Player System; $4 per buzzer or for each additional buzzer over eight.   Return shipping is included.

*Applies only to All-In-One Challenger Series, Wireless Showtime Buzzers and Wireless Module Boxes. Purchased Prior to September 2012
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