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"On a team, all members must depend on one another, and the acceptance of an individual by peers is important. In order to gain this respect, the work ethic becomes important. Students learn to be prepared to carry their share of the load and expect others to do the same "

--Joel Arvizo, former HOSA president

"Each student must accept the responsibility of their teammates being dependent on them. It is a lot of pressure and students mature in the process"

--Joel Arvizo, former HOSA president


"It gave me the confidence to know that I could compete on a national level - that no matter what environment I end up in, I have the capacity to do as well as some of the best and brightest."

--Cliff Chang, Team Illinois 2005

"I really appreciated my experience…because it showed me that intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated students deserve to be rewarded whether they are athletes, musicians, or. Quiz Bowl players!""

--Mariusz Galczynski, Team Illinois 2002

"Quiz bowl is a great extra curricular activity because it recognizes and rewards students for what they know and what they've learned. It also gives them the opportunity to represent their school and by extension their community"

--Brent Porter, Program Director, KY Association for Academic Competition

"I think of Quiz Bowl a methodology towards motivating kids. Preparing for the events makes students work and study harder"

--Chip Harris, Ed.D., Quiz Bowl National Chair, Skills USA Championships; Director, Center for Career and Technical Education, Tennessee State University;

"I saw the practical use and applicability of Quiz Bowl early on for the classroom-about 30 years ago. I use Quiz Bowl for Spanish and Social Studies. It is ideal for review and recall, and my students enjoy it much more than drills. It is ideal for test preparation as well."

"Some students learn somewhere along the line that academic achievement is not "cool." Yet some of these students enjoy Quizbowl and see it differently than learning. This can make the difference for those kids. Some kids really need the message that school can be fun."

"Quizbowl fills a niche for certain students who don't want or aren't interested in athletics, but enjoy competition. It can be the only form of team play and opportunity to represent the school or community that special needs kids have.. This was recently the case with a young man I taught who had muscular dystrophy and could not participate in sports. "

--Melinda Dixon, Teacher, Lockwood High School, Lockwood, MO

"Participation in QuizBowl is definitely on a growth trajectory nationally. As a question writer for the states of Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas and Illinois, I see that teams practice much more today than they did ten years ago. Teams used to buy five sets of practice questions, and today they buy 20 sets. I attribute this to increased interest and more serious commitments by team members and coaches than exhibited in previous years"

-- Rita Harsh, Writer, former owner of Questions Galore

Vocational Schools

"Students who were formerly quiet often come out of their shells on a Quizbowl team and become more confident. They also get more serious about school when they join the team because they take learning and knowledge more seriously. Although I do think there is a correlation between this sort of academic competition and doing well on standardized tests such as the ACT, although I can't prove that"

--D. Wayne Foruge, Coach and Electronics Teacher, Porte Barre High School, Porte Barre, Louisiana

"Quizbowl addresses topics that are not normal topics in the high school curriculum such as classical music, philosophy, and Nobel prize winners. This creates more well rounded students who become confident in their breadth and depth of knowledge."

"The students are under pressure in front of an audience, under glaring lights, and this creates confidence under pressure."

"Our students are very diverse ethnically and the majority are first generation Americans. They are generally less confident than other students and wonder where and how they fit into their community and even into American society, in general. Yet, when they are on the Quizbowl team, they experience a strong feeling of belonging and mattering to the school and community."

--Paul Cain, Ysleta High School, El Paso, Texas

"In addition to coaching our QuizBowl team, I also use Quizbowl in all my Latin classes including AP Latin for vocabulary review, identification of characters in literature and teaching rhetorical devices. I use it to prepare my students for their AP exams. I see that it helps them in rapidly answering questions under pressure. My students don't always realize that they are learning because it is fun."

Mike Zinsmeister, Seton Hall Preparatory School, West Orange, NJ