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New ShowTime lens colors are now available! 
 Orange, Green, Purple, Sky Blue and Gold 
are now available for ShowTime Buzzers! 
New color lenses are also available for regular buzzers. 
Youth ShowTime HandGrips are available. 

Wired LED buzzers are a new option.  
Get the brightness of LEDs with the convenience of a wired buzzer!

New or Old  
Make your Challenger System Wireless  
Call 800.662.7475 for details

Wireless Upgrade Enhancement Package

ZeeCraft systems are solidly built right here in the USA. We've been the leading Quiz Bowl provider since 1975 and we stand behind our products. As such, our Wi-Fi systems built before September 2012 are still going, though they may experience some interference from the newer Wi-Fi bands. Therefore, we offer an upgrade package to keep in step with these changes, keeping your system operating flawlessly with no interference from Wi-Fi. We offer the Wireless Enhancement Package. Enhance the performance of your ZeeCraft Wireless equipment* today! Applies only to All-In-One Challenger Series, Wireless Showtime Buzzers and Wireless Module Boxes. Purchased Prior to September 2012

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